Private Nursing

Private Nursing: One-one-One Care for your Loved Ones


When does the need for private nursing arise?

Individual attention and one-on-one care lies at the heart of private nursing. This extra help can be sought either in a hospital or nursing home or in the comfort of your loved one’s home.

 In a hospital, nursing home or long term care facility private nursing provides a direct line of support to the hospital staff by assisting with daily care giving, observation and assistance. It also helps the families and care givers by providing them time to relax and catch up with work and daily events with the assurance that their loved ones are in safe hands. This is called Respite Care Relief.   

Some other reasons individuals opt for private nursing include caring for the needs of the elderly in the comfort of their own homes while maintaining their independence. Private nursing may also be sought when your loved one may need extra care and support while recovering from a medical procedure.

Esmar Nursing & Community Care: Dedicated and Professional Healthcare for Private Nursing in the GTA

Esmar Nursing Agency provides dedicated and professional staff to provide your loved ones with the extra care and attention they need on their road to recovery. Our team of RNs, RPNs and PSWs cater to the personalised needs of the client and work with diligence and compassion to ensure that your loved ones receive a high level of care while maintaining their dignity and respect.

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Choosing Esmar Nursing & Community Care is the Right Choice for Private Nursing because:
  • Safety and high quality care for your loved one is our main concern.
  • Our staff is reliable, fully trained and committed to provide dedicated service.
  • We provide free consultation and in-home assessments to customize our healthcare plans to suit your needs.
  • Provide short or long duration personal care at a short notice.
  • Our RNs and RPNs provide assistance with medication, wound dressings and related procedures.
  • Our PSWs provide assistance with personal care and hygiene, meal preparation, companionship and observation.
  • Out staff collaborates with medical staff and family members to provide detailed reports and charting of the person being cared for.
  • Relieve family members and friends by providing respite care relief.
  • Additional support to the medical staff in a hospital or facility.
  • Personal care within the comfort of your own home.
  • We provide palliative care to support individuals and their families in order to maintain dignity and respect that is essential to their needs.


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