Why Choose Us?

Why choose Esmar?

With over four decades of experience in the field of nursing and healthcare, Esmar Nursing & Community Care is the leading provider of facility staffing relief, senior care, community care, private nursing and home healthcare in Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Oakville and other areas of the GTA.

Esmar staff works with dedication and compassion to provide a high level of care to your loved ones ensuring that their dignity and respect are maintained.  We guarantee safety, reliability and professional services to act as a support system for hospitals, nursing homes and individual clients providing private nursing, palliative care and respite care relief and general help services.   

Our wide range of healthcare services is all-inclusive and customized to suit your needs. We offer competitive and negotiable rates and can cover 24 hours care schedules based on your needs. Esmar provides trustworthy and screened RNs, RPNs, PSWs and general help at short notice. 

Some of the reasons why Esmar will be the right choice to provide for your healthcare needs include:
  • 24 Hours Service– Esmar is available to provide superior health care services to cover 24 hour schedules, seven days a week. Please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help.
  • Negotiable Prices based on Individual Needs– We offer competitive prices for all our health care services so that you and your loved ones can rest assured.
  • Personalized approach– Esmar is committed to provide personalized health care services. We are flexible and assess each individual’s needs to assist accordingly.
  • Free Consultation: Inclusive Cost-effective Approach– We provide free consultation with client’s doctor and family to cater to an over-all requirement which could prove to be physically, emotionally and financially rewarding.
  • Recommendations– We will make recommendations if necessary based on your case assessment.
  • High Standards of Service– Our experienced and highly trained staff organizes and co-ordinates medical supplies for a smooth flow of work.
  • Multi-lingual & Diverse– Our staff is aware of cultural diversity in the community and we will strive to provide services in the language you speak.
  • We Welcome Feedback- Your feedback is welcome as it is the determining factor to growth and high level of service to all individuals.
  • Transparency– We discuss all involved costs and conditions with the clients and their families before the service commences.
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For a free consultation, in-home assessment or to know more about our rates and services, Contact Us and we will be happy to assist. 

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